• Cold Creek Canoe Ash Contoured Yoke

Cold Creek Canoe Ash Contoured Yoke

$ 85.00

There’s nothing like a good quality yoke to make portaging less of a pain in the neck. This is a high quality, comfortable deep dish, ash yoke can make your boat feel lighter and match the ash trim. Cold Creek Canoe yokes are locally made and finished in a durable marine spar varnish to last the test of time and keep you boat looking great for years, on the water or on the portage

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Product Description

  • Size: 38″
  • Wood: Ash

This ash contoured yoke is a great addition to any canoe with ash wood trim.

Installing a contoured yoke is one of the easiest steps to making portaging your canoe easier and more comfortable.
Don’t want to install this yourself?  We can take care of all your canoe upgrades and repair needs.

Call us to book your canoe seat installation – 705.783.7141


Canoe yokes are usually installed  in the factory based on a formula and not by balancing the canoe, so they’re not always accurately located.  You may also prefer a slightly stern heavy canoe, the bow should rise slightly when the yoke is on your shoulders.  A stern high canoe is never favourable and results in quick fatigue.

Don’t be surprised if you have to re-locate the yoke on your new canoe. Manufacturers don’t always get it right!

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 38 x 6 x 2 in


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