• Canoe Royalex skid plate felt cut-outs
  • Canoe Royalex skid plate felt cut-outs
  • Canoe Royalex skid plate felt cut-outs

Canoe Royalex Skid Plate Felt Cut-outs

$ 60.00

Installing skid plates on your Royalex canoe can easily protect your boat from river rash, bumps and bruises. At Johnny’s Boat Shop we can install skid plates for you on any new or used boat, or if you wish to do it yourself, these pre-cut felt skid plate cut-outs are just the right size for your Royalex canoe. Sold in pairs pre-cut to the perfect size. Tapered from 2″ to 4″ along a 31″ length.

If you don’t wish to install your own Royalex skid plate kit yourself just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to fit your Royalex canoe with professional, custom installed skid plates. – 705.783.7141

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Product Description

  • Quantity in package: 2
  • Size: 2-4″ tapered x 31″
  • Colour: Kevlar

Protect your canoe and increase its longevity with a Royalex Skid Plate Kit for your canoe. Applying a skid plate to the ends of your Royalex canoe increases its resistance to “River Rash”, impact and abrasion. These special pre-cut Kevlar felts are perfect to provide you with unsurpassed protection without hindering performance.   Here at Johnny’s Boat Shop we are dedicated to helping you enjoy your canoe for years to come by protecting it with the Kevlar, Royalex Skid Plate Kit.

Installing skid plates on your Royalex canoe is one of the easiest steps to protecting your boat against “River Rash”, but Royalex Skid Plate installation can be a daunting task if you’re not experienced with the procedure.

Don’t want to install this yourself?  We can take care of all your canoe upgrades and repair needs.

Call us to book your Royalex Skid Plate installation – 705.783.7141

Additional Information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 31 x 4 in


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