• Tump Brackets (2 Qty)
  • Tump Brackets (2 Qty)
  • Tump Brackets (2 Qty)
  • Tump Brackets (2 Qty)

Tump Brackets (2 Qty)

$ 15.00

Make portaging easier by installing Tump Brackets on your canoe so you can attach a tump line.

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Product Description

Tump Bracket Kit includes:

  • 2 Qty Tump Bracket
  • 4 Qty Stainless Steel Screws (for wood trim installation)
  • 4 Qty Washers
  • 4 Qty 3/16 Rivets (for aluminum trim installation)

All the parts you need to install Tump Brackets on your canoe (wood or aluminum trim) so you can use a tump line to assist with making portaging easier.
Don’t want to install this yourself?  We can take care of all your canoe upgrades and repair needs.

Call us to book your tump bracket installation – 705.783.7141

What does a Tump line do?

Tump lines help with supporting and control of the canoe while you portage.  It takes some of the load off of your spine and allows for easier hands free control.  This is specially helpful while assenting steep portages.

It is one of the oldest load bearing devices known to man and was used by many cultures.  In North America it was employed by Voyagers, Mountain Men, and Native Americans, and was considered the only feasible way to carry furs and gear over the portage trail.  It is still used today by Sherpas hired to carry gear to the base camp of Mt. Everest.

A tumpline consists of a headpiece 2 – 4 in. wide and 15 – 20 in. long.  Attached to this headpiece are two tails, one on ether side, ranging from 5 ft. – 12 ft. depending on what you would be carrying.  The tails are attached to the tump brackets on your canoe’s gunwales and the head strap is placed on top of your head.  This puts the load directly in line with the spine.  It allows you to carry heavy loads longer and more comfortably then with just a yoke or thwart.

Additional Information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 1 in


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