skid platesThere are several reasons to install Kevlar skid plates. Kevlar skid plates are often installed on a brand new boat to protect the gelcoat on the bow and stern from chipping and wearing away on those sandy or rocky landings. Sometimes Kevlar skid plates are installed as a method of repairing damage or wear that has already occurred on the bow or stern of your canoe or kayak. This is a very affective way to make the ends of your boat look new again, and adds many paddling seasons of life back into a well worn boat. Kevlar skid plates are often the most cost affective way to repair the gelcoat on a damaged bow or stern. We can colour match (reasonably close) to the gelcoat colour of your canoe at no extra charge by tinting the resin used on your skid plates. When you have finally worn through your skid plates, we can add a partial Kevlar skid plate over the worn area for half the price of a regular Kevlar skid plate installation and your canoe or kayak will be protected once again from those rocky Algonquin Park landings.

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