Kevlar Skid Plates for your Canoe or Kayak

Think of them as bumpers for your boat.  Skid plates can be installed on new or used composite (Fiberglass, Kevlar or Carbon) boats and are designed to protect the bow and stern of your hull from bumps and bruises, or as we like to call it, “shoreline or river rash”  Kevlar skid plates are made up of a  light weight Kevlar felt material saturated with vinyl ester resin, or epoxy depending on what material your canoe is made of.

Why Install Kevlar Skid Plates

skid plateUltimately it’s up to you if you install skid plates on your boat.  Some people like to install skid plates to protect their new canoe while others treat it more as a repair after they notice some damage already accumulating.  It doesn’t matter if your canoe is used or if it’s seen many trips we can install skid plates at any time to protect your canoe or kayak from rocky or sandy landings.

Skid plates are often a cost effective way to repair bow or stern damage on a canoe or kayak.  At the end of each season we suggest inspecting your boat for damage or wear, often the bow and stern are locations that first come into contact with anything in the water or from shoreline landings.  This damage can be seen as chips, cracks or abrasion on the underside of the bow or stern.  If you notice any damage at the end of the season there’s no better time to get your boat repaired or to have skid plates installed.

No mater what material your canoe is made of we have a procedure to install skid plates on it.  Fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber or even Royalex hulls can all take skid plates, there’s just a different procedure for each different material.  When ever possible, we will tint the colour of your skid plates to match your canoe at no extra cost.  We also specialize in maintaining the balance and weight distribution insuring that your light weight boat remains light weight.

  • protects your canoe or kayak
  • cost effective protection / repair
  • tinted to match the colour of your boat
  • maintains lightweight design
  • professionally installed

What makes our service stand out?

Johnny’s Boat Shop has been installing and repairing skid plates on new and used boats for years.  We specialize in always producing a neat and professional job that keeps your boat looking clean and sleek.  We will work with you on turn around times as we understand that paddling season in central Ontario is a short one and every day on the water is special.  If you contact us or use the “Book Your Boat Now” buttons below to schedule ahead, it is often possible to provide over night service when it’s needed.


Pricing for Professional Skid Plate Installation

Prices include professional basic bow and stern skid plate installation on your boat by Johnny’s Boat Shop in Huntsville, Ontario.


Bow & Stern Skid Plates for Composite Boats

$15000+ HST
  • Designed for Fiberglass, Kevlar or Carbon Fiber Boats

Bow & Stern Skid Plates for Royalex Boats

$20000+ HST
  • Designed for Royalex (ABS) Boats


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