Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Repairs

Stand Up Paddle Bord RepairIf you own a composite (fiberglass) stand up paddle board (SUP), you should be aware that dings and cracks can be devastating to the integrity of your board.  Water getting inside your SUP can be very damaging, adding weight and causing damage from the inside out.  We have a product available on our shopping page called Ding Tape. It isn’t a permanent repair, but it will serve as a band-aid until you can bring your board into Johnny’s Boat Shop for a proper repair.

We see all kinds of damage to all kinds of boats not just Stand Up Paddle Boards, with over 20 years experience we have the know how and solution to fix even the strangest damage.

You can arrange for a free quote by calling or filling out our contact form and bringing your sup in for us to assess.




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Johnny’s Boat Shop not only services your stand up paddle board, providing professional repairs and maintenance at our Huntsville shop, but we also sell many of the products we use in our repair and maintenance service, of your SUP.  Do it yourself or let us do it professionally for you.