Gelcoat Repairs Protect Your Canoe

Gelcoat is the protective coating on the exterior of your composite boat. It can be colored or in the case of many modern canoes or kayaks, it can be clear too.  Gelcoat is the “armour” that protects the composite cloth that makes up your Kevlar or fiberglass hull.  If it’s damaged and the “armour” is compromised (My general rule of thumb is, if you can catch the edge of a crack with your fingernail, you should have it repaired.  If the damage has exposed the cloth material beneath the gelcoat you need to have it repaired!  If you don’t repair it and water gets into the cloth through the gelcoat it can lead to a much more expensive repair for you and a much more difficult one for us.

We Offer Two Levels of Finish for Gelcoat Repairs.

  • outfitter or rental style gelcoat repair
  • professional blended gelcoat repair

Outfitter or rental style repair is very effective and functional and always the more cost effective method. This type of repair method is finished with a raised textured patch over the damaged area.

Blended gelcoat repair is the preferred professional method on a newer boat, or a boat with little wear on it. We apply the gelcoat the same way, but we spent more time finishing the repair by wet sanding and polishing the repair area to make it blend with the rest of your boat.

For more information about gelcoat repairs or to book your boat contact Johnny’s Boat Shop today – 705.783-7141.

Gelcoat repair



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