Professional Maintenance for Your Canoe or Kayak

With over a quarter century experience building, maintaining and repairing boats in Muskoka, Johnny’s Boat Shop is the place to bring your canoe, kayak, rowing shell, skiff or stand up paddle board for professional service by people who care about your water craft. Proper annual maintenance of your boat can insure it looks and performs like new for years to come. Sometimes problems can be spotted by a professional well before it becomes noticeable to the user. This allows us to fix things before they become an expensive problem to resolve.

It doesn’t matter if you are the manager of a canoe rental fleet, or the outdoor education director for a school board, or even if you just own one kayak or canoe, Johnny’s Boat Shop can help maintain your water craft. Although most of our maintenance is requested over the winter (what better time to be with out your boat for a bit then when the lake’s frozen over) we can also maintain your boat any time of the year. We will work with you on turn around times as we understand that paddling season in central Ontario is a short one and every day on the water is special.

Kevlar Skid Plates

skid plateKevlar Skid Plates can be one of the best investments to protecting your boat from shore line damage or “River Rash”. Think of them as bumpers for your boat, we specialize in making them look good with a professional install that will match the look and colour of your boat when possible.

Canoe & Kayak Storage

winter storageWe have secure and protected storage for your boat. Store it with us over the winter and we’ll inspect and clean it so it’s ready to get out on the water in the spring. Don’t have storage at home? No problem we can store your boat any time of the year too.

Winter Maintenance

winter maintenanceRegular maintenance can go a long way to keeping your boat looking and performing like new longer. Winter is the best time of year for your annual maintenance check up, we’ll wash and wax your boat and make sure all the hardware and trim is cleaned and tightened.

Let us Maintain Your Fleet of Canoes & Kayaks

Over the years we’ve had the great pleasure of working with many local camps, resorts, outfitters and school boards through out Central Ontario.  Maintaining a large, or even a small, fleet of boats can be a daunting task.  We have the experience and know how to help you manage the maintenance and repair to a small fleet of boats all the way up to a large fleet of several hundred canoes and kayaks.  We’ve worked with them all.

We recommend annual inspections and maintenance outside of your peek season and we’re there to support your repair needs during your season too, often working to return your boat to you in a matter of days vs weeks.  We know how important it is to have a fully functional fleet on the water every day of the summer, and we’ll work tirelessly to insure that it is.   It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or little job we can get it done.

Contact us today to discuss your fleet or individual boat needs by calling 7058-783.7141

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Johnny’s Boat Shop not only services your canoe, providing professional repairs and maintenance at our Huntsville shop, but we also sell many of the products we use in our repair and maintenance service of your canoe.  Do it yourself or let us do it professionally for you.