Canoe Thwart & Yoke Replacement

Yoke ReplacementMost canoes have a yoke installed at the balance point for portaging. Some are flat but yoke shaped, and some are dished for added comfort on those long carries, and for the hardcore traditionalist, there is the tumpline to help balance and control your canoe while portaging. .

At the end of each season, you should inspect your yoke for signs of wood rot on the ends under the inwale. The best way to do this is by removing the yoke. If the ends of the yoke are solid, you should seal them by brushing on a liberal coating of Badger Wood Oil (available on our shopping page) and then reinstall the yoke.

If your yoke shows signs of rot, you will need to replace it. Several shapes, styles and wood species are available, and we are always ready to install one for you  (regular shop rate applies).

If you like to fix your own gear, you will find everything you need on our shopping page, including new yokes, stainless steel hardware and Badger Wood Oil.

All the yokes we carry are at least 38” long and will need to be cut to length to fit your canoe.


It is costly to cut a new yoke too short!

Thwart & Yoke Replacement Price and Time

As I mentioned previously, there are several shapes, styles and wood species to choose from when picking a new yoke for your canoe. Please don’t hesitate to call us or fill out our contact form and We will get in touch to discuss your options, the costs and the scheduling of your yoke installation.

We will do a professional and timely job installing your new yoke at Johnny’s Boat Shop.

If you don’t see the yoke you want here, and you know what you want, We’re sure we can find it for you.

We appreciate your business!


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Johnny’s Boat Shop not only services your canoe, providing professional repairs and maintenance at our Huntsville shop, but we also sell many of the products we use in our repair and maintenance service, like thwarts and yokes for your canoe.  Do it yourself or let us do it professionally for you.